About Popcannibal

Ziba Scott accidentally started Popcannibal and sometimes thinks he should have added “games” at the end of the company name. He can never spell cannibal aloud without hesitation.

Luigi Guatieri crawled out from the sea in New Zealand and now draws pretty pictures. Luigi makes eye candy so sugary there’s a surgeon general’s warning. In his spare time he enjoys arm-wrestling robots.

Popcannibal’s games include Elegy for a Dead World (with Dejobaan Games), Girls Like Robots (published by Adult Swim) and Fish Listening to Radio.

Awards include:

  • IGF Nomination 2015
  • IndieCade and IndieCade E3 selection 2014
  • IGF honorable mention 2014
  • Official Selection Gamercamp Toronto 2013
  • Unity Awards Finalist 2013
  • Official Selection PAX East Indie Showcase 2011.